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Why a travel blog?

Why I started a travel blog and what YOU get out of it

Why did I decide to write a travel blog? Probably because it combines all my interests and passions – travel planning, travelling itself, talking about travelling, meeting others who love to travel and also photography.

In addition, I am so passionate about travelling and photography that I find it just too sad if my reports and pictures simply vegetate on a hard drive. I want to keep them alive, to enjoy them again and again and to have access to them at all times. In addition, if I can inspire another person then all the better.

Picture of me in a canoe in Banff National Park. Picture for my travel blog.

What YOU get out of my travel blog

I am one of those travelers who read several travel guides before a trip. So, you can say that planning a journey alone is a hobby of mine. Nevertheless, I have always encountered problems. Some of them you might also know…

I’ll tell you exactly how much time I spent in one place, so you’ll know what’s possible.

A travel guide tells me what to see but it does not tell me how much I can do in a certain amount of time.

That may not be a problem when I do a city trip, because then I can improvise. However, if I plan a roundtrip and have to book hotels in advance, it can be annoying planning too much time in one place and too little in another. Or what if I get lost with distances? Driving 300 km in one day might be easy in the US, but it may not be possible in Botswana.  

Here my travel blog could help you out. I will tell you exactly how long my travels were and how much time I spent in a certain location. What should you see if you only spend one day in Rome and what shouldn’t you miss in four days in the Atacama Desert?

If you have less time in one place than I did, you can easily decide what you want to leave out, based on the pictures and descriptions. If you have more time, I will give you additional tips as far as I can.

Travel guides are not for everyone

A second problem with the classic travel guide is that it can be very extensive and contains a lot of information. Personally, I don’t mind, but I know many people who simply don’t feel like working through such a thick book before a trip. Especially as the information is often very detailed and not everyone is interested in this level of detail anyway. Additionally, buying tons of travel guides can be quite expensive.

Also at this point I would like to help you with my travel blog. Are you flying to Rio de Janeiro? Have a look at my blog article and you will see the sights you shouldn’t miss at a glance, including the most important information about each attraction. If you need more information, you can and should of course also look at additional literature – but you don’t have to and in the end you have seen the most important things anyway.

Are you also a visual type?

When I am planning a trip, I use visual factors to decide whether the destination is worth it or not. In other words, if I read in a travel guide that I have to see Trinidad in Cuba or the Tatio Geysers in the Atacama Desert, I search the Internet for pictures. If I like the pictures, then I go and visit the location.

That is perhaps a little simplified and there are exceptions, but basically it’s like that. That’s why I also like to look at blogs on the internet, because there are usually much more pictures than in travel guides. Thus, the recipe is not enough for me, I also want to see how the dish looks like at the end.

Never again travel guides?

Well, it just depends on your personal interests. As I said, I still read travel guides, even several per trip, because I simply love to prepare myself for trips and like to read a lot about the sights and countries. But if you don’t like that, you don’t have to buy a travel guide anymore and can only get information from one or more travel blogs.

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