View from Rockefeller Center with Empire State Building and Skyline in the background. My most favorite New York impression

New York Impressions

My New York impressions

This post is not a real travelogue, but rather a collection of my favorite pictures, my New York impressions, which reflect the Manhattan atmosphere – at least as I perceived it.

I have been in New York twice, once in summer and once in winter. Both seasons definitely have their charms. In summer you can do a lot of outdoor activities and enjoy the Central Park, for example. But also in the Christmas season New York is a special experience. Christmas shopping, ice skating at Rockefeller Center with the famous big Christmas tree in the background and the generous decorations on every corner create a special atmosphere.

Radio City Music Hall with Christmas lights in the foreground

A city walk through New York is also worthwhile in the late evening (ladies not alone!) or early morning, when the streets are still quiet and the atmosphere is slightly melancholic. Now you can get to know New York from a completely different side.

Man fishing at Hudson River in Manhattan ist not a typical New York impression
Not a typical New York impression, empty street on new year's eve morning

Yeah, I guess subways are available in almost every major city. Still, there was something about riding the subway in New York that I found particularly atmospheric. Not necessarily nice, because it can be very stuffy, crowded and smelly.

Man waiting for Subway in Manhattan, New York
People standing in New York City Subway

New York impressions – that’s huge skyscrapers, crowds and hectic. Yes, but you also find the exact opposite in the middle of the city. Small houses, cozy cafes and quiet alleys can be found in Greenwich Village, for example.

Typical houses in Greenwich Village in Manhattan, New York
People sitting outside of a café in Greenwich Village in New York
People shopping at flea market stand. Picture made from above.
Shop window of a small spectacle shop in Greenwich Village. One of my most favorite New York impressions
Typical New York Impression. View of houses with old fire escapes

What makes the city so special is the mixture of the most modern skyscrapers next to old buildings and small churches.

Typical old houses in Manhattan

A city as big as New York naturally also offers a great evening program. Chic and fancy restaurants, cozy pubs and modern clubs.

Inside a cozy Irish Pub in New York. Waitress prepares drinks

Everyone knows the Broadway. But few people really know much about this important street. Broadway is the oldest and with more than 25 km the longest north-south crossing of Manhattan. Moreover, in the theatre district in Midtown Manhattan – at the Times Square between the 41st and the 53rd Street and between the Sixth and the Ninth Avenue – there are 41 big theatres with more than 500 seats and many other smaller ones.

Wall with old lamp inside of Broadway theatre in New York

New York offers many famous sights – the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Central Park, the One World Trade Center, Chinatown and much more. It is worthwhile to walk through the city, because on the way you will see that Manhattan has a lot more to offer.

New World Trade Center in Manhattan, New York, with trees in the foreground
Chinatown in Manhattan, New York
Price signs in chinese in Chinatown in Manhattan

The Empire State Building is definitely one of Manhattan’s landmarks and attracts thousands of visitors every year. You should still think about enjoying the view from the top of the Rockefeller Center, my most favorite New York impression, rather than the Empire State Building. You have a beautiful view of Central Park from up here, but also the Empire State Building itself.

View from Rockefeller Center with Empire State Building and Skyline in the background. My most favorite New York impression
View from Rockefeller Center in New York with Central Park in the background

Those who are in New York must of course get a view of the whole Manhattan skyline. This is not only possible from Rockefeller Center but also from Brooklyn. My tip is to take the subway to Brooklyn and then walk from there over the Brooklyn Bridge. Another tip is to take the free ferry to Staten Island. Here you also pass the Statue of Liberty.

View from Brooklyn Bridge with Manhattan Skyline

I hope you enjoyed my New York impressions and I could give you a feeling for this fascinating city. I would be very happy if you leave a comment or share the post.

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