Detailed view of shisha oven

Istanbul Impressions

My Istanbul impressions

Istanbul is an extremely beautiful and very old city. You can see the history at every corner and my Istanbul impressions should show exactly that – in some places, time seems to have stopped here. If you want to learn more about Istanbul and its sights, then have a look at my Istanbul Must-Sees.

The Blue Mosque in Istanbul is really an impressive mosque and a must-see when visiting the city. But it is also a tourist attraction and can be very crowded. Other mosques, such as the Şehzade Mosque or the Bayezid II Mosque, are not as crowded and you can enjoy the atmosphere and tranquility even better.

View of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul from the outside

Whoever has ever visited a mosque before knows that it is always entered without shoes. Personally I think that the mosques, covered with carpets, radiate a very special atmosphere – devout and almost cosy. By the way, Muslims take off their shoes because they want to face Allah cleanly and there is almost always dirt on our shoes. In addition, one prepares for prayer with a washing, which is called abdest in Turkish and wudu in Arabic.

My most favorite Istanbul impression - A man washing his feet at Mosque

Please do not visit Istanbul without having visited a real Turkish Shisha Cafe. And I do not mean the fancy tourist bars. If you stroll a little through the alleys you will find authentic shops. And, if you don’t want to smoke Shisha, you can of course just enjoy a delicious apple tea.

Typical Istanbul impression - Men smoking in a cafe
Men preparing shishas at oven

The buildings in Istanbul are simply impressive. But you should not only focus on the obvious, as it is also worthwhile to pay attention to the details.

View of a fountain from above. Water plays a big role in the mosques of Istanbul to wash before prayer

Istanbul is a very lively city, which is probably not least due to the temperament of the Turks – and I mean that in a purely positive way. Moreover, a large part of daily life takes place outside. Here you can find the most beautiful Istanbul impressions.

An Istanbul impression you would see a lot. Children playing in the small streets of Istanbul
Men on Street. One man carries shopping on his head
Two women in front of a shop with a cat sitting directly above them on an awning
A couple sitting on a wall outside a mosque - a beautiful Istanbul impression

The bazaar is an important part of Turkish life. Here you can buy food and spices, clothes, fabrics and much more. Even though the Great Bazaar is the most famous and largest, Istanbul has countless of these markets. Most of the time life here is pulsating, it is full and hectic. Such an alleyway looks completely different, almost desolate, when the bazaar has closed.

Closed bazaar in Istanbul
A man sitting in front of his shop and waiting for customers. Beautiful Istanbul impression

I hope you enjoyed my Istanbul impressions and pictures and that I could give you some helpful tips. I would be happy if you share this post with your friends and family.

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